Maybe this time?

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Back from our ultrasound and blood work, and it looks like L has two good follicles this cycle (one 18+ and the other 22+)! This was much needed good news to say the least. Best of all, I get to play butt darts again tonight with the HCG trigger injection, so excited! Saturday morning will be IUI #2 and we have fingers and toes crossed that the second time will be a charm for us.

Currently accepting all good vibes thrown our way :)


jill said...

Definitely sending good vibes! Will be thinking of you both! :)

(haha @ "butt darts" - your poor wife)

PCOStory said...

Correction needed! :) My LH has started creeping up, so we need to do the trigger shot ASAP (I just called J on his way back to work from picking it up at the drug store and said, COME HOME! :)) and the IUI is scheduled for tomorrow! :) YAY! I am excited! And scared about the butt darts! He just says that because he hates doing it, I think... Running theory. :)

Fertility Chick said...

Lots of good vibes being sent from here!! Good luck to you both!!

hopelesslyttc said...

All the best, fingers crossed.

And remember with the butt darts...this is one time where you're not aiming for the bulls eye!!!

Keep us posted

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Good luck today!!

misterivf said...

shoveling good vibes your way. No refunds accepted.