I spy an IUI...

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Sunday morning we did our first IUI! Aside from L not feeling so well the night before and the morning of (we think probably from the HCG injection), it went fairly smoothly. The nurse had to call in reinforcements when she had a little trouble finding the opening to L's Cervix and I felt kinda terrible watching my wife squirm in obvious discomfort as they pried and prodded with different sized shoe stretcher things (I know it is a speculum, but I like to call them shoe stretcher things :)). It made me ask out loud if they could possibly make those things look any more like medieval torture devices. With all the technology we have nowadays, how is it we are still using medical equipment that could be pulled straight from the set of the Saw movies!

Anyway :) we only had one follicle, so I am tempering my expectations slightly, but I'm hoping that in two weeks we have some very good news to report!



mybumpyjourney said...

That is a hysterical description for the speculums. HA HA. They are torture devices!!!
I hope you are doing well!

itsazooaroundhere said...

Good luck with the IUI!! My husband and I were planning to use donor sperm, and although we eventually didn't, we spent years considering it. Our situation was a little different because we were going to use a known donor, so that already meant that the donor and his wife knew. Our plan would have been to tell the child along the way (age-appropriate, of course) and really limit who else knew. However, our immediate families knew - we shared our struggle with them and also the donor was my brother in law, so it seemed right to tell the rest of his family.

Anyway, I'm sure you and your wife and child will figure it out together as you go. Good luck!!

mommyinwaiting said...

here's hoping your one follie come through for you. While you enter the dreaded 2ww I've nominated you for an award, see my blog for details.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Thinking of you over the next 2 weeks! I only had one follie when I did my diui and that turned into a 20 month old that just threw a piece of garlic bread at me while I type! Good luck!