Am I qualified for that?

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L had an ultrasound this morning that showed a good follicle ready to go. We could continue daily blood work to check for LH surge, but the doctor felt it would be best to use an HCG injection to induce ovulation so that we do not lose the follicle. We have to do this at home this evening and then we will be doing our first IUI with DS on Sunday morning. I am a little anxious, but we are trying to remain positive and would appreciate good thoughts/vibes from the cyberverse :)

I actually have some prior experience with self-injections as I had to do home Lovenox for a week a few years ago. This, however, appears to be providing little or no comfort to my lovely wife who has done little to conceal the fact that she is scared sh*tless by the though of me playing Lawn Jarts with her behind. I, on the other hand, am most looking forward to it...muhahaha!! :) Bullseye!



jill said...

Wishing you both lots of luck!

mybumpyjourney said...

YEAH!!! I am excited for you guys!Another gal that I follow had the RE's nurse draw a bulls eye on her butt so her husband knew where to jab it. :) Just a thought. Maybe a smiley face and you could put it between the eyes?
Good luck!!!

PCOStory said...

You know it's more about me hating needles than it is your qualifications, Baby... I was just kidding when I asked if you were qualified.

The doctor did draw a big circle on my behind to tell him where it was ok to shoot, you're right, a smiley face would have been better! :)

BTW, that lawn darts analogy makes me feel even more uneasy, so thanks! ;)

Fertility Chick said...

LOL - you sound like my husband, he LOVES giving me injections! Sicko. ;)

Wishing you both lots of luck - I hate needles too so I totally feel for your wife.