Go away Auntie...

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So we were 13 days post IUI when we got a knock on the door from our indisputably least favorite visitor, L's Auntie F. I tried to slam the door in her face but somehow she was able to sneak in...persistent bitch. Needless to say this was not a great weekend for us but I am trying to be the strong, supportive, and positive partner. I am positive that our next cycle will bring better news and to help insure this I've obtained a restraining order against that old witch!

In the "when it rains it pours" department, L got a call today from her Mom to tell her that her brother and his new wife are expecting. I didn't need to hear both sides of the call to know what the "good news" was, I could hear it in L's voice. Of course we are very happy for them, but this really wasn't the best timing for us...which is probably selfish and childish but, at least for today I feel like we've earned that right :)

Anyway, we could really use good vibes from you all!

J & L


Fertility Chick said...

I hear you - on so much of this!

I can relate to the arrival of that damn AF on day 13 past IUI. I also have felt the sting of hearing others' good news at a time when I really, really, REALLY don't need to hear it.

Not childish or selfish at all - honest in my books.

Hang in there - and send you both lots of good vibes!!

Jem said...

Wow, that's some sucky timing. BFN from your IUI coinciding with the "good news" on the phone. Totally okay to be bummed. We IF'ers totally understand. You can tell us anything and we'd understand. I had the desire to kick over a baby carriage the day I got my first BFN. Of course I was horrified and didn't really mean it, but boy did I feel it at the time!!

No judgement here!

Emmy said...

That really is awful timing. What a punch in the gut. Sucks. I hope IUI #2 brings success.

Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

PCOStory said...

Thanks Guys,

Your words and support mean SO MUCH! It was indeed a rough weekend, hopefully the holiday this week will help keep our minds off of it, and keep us moving forward! :) Clomid starts today, worried about the side effects, but plugging on!

Thanks again!

itsazooaroundhere said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the negative, and also the double-whammy of a pregnancy announcement in the family. Of COURSE we all understand how that feels, and I don't think it's selfish at all! Just take your time with the news and hopefully family will understand.

Sending lots of positivity for cycle #2...stay away auntie!

mybumpyjourney said...

:( I am sorry.

Ruth said...

So sorry to hear that. Talk about cruel irony. I hope your next IUI cycle brings a BFP
(btw, I have been trying to "follow" you in blogger but I'm a little new to this and can't quite figure it out)