It's PCOS, no it's not, yes it is... (Part 2)

Posted by J - azoowho@gmail.com |

In November of 2008 we decided it was time to get to the bottom of our conception problems. We had been trying actively for about a year and the anxiety of not knowing, coupled with my unfortunate habit of trying to use the internet to self-diagnose (a doctor once called me a "cybercondriac") was starting to put some real strain on our relationship. L and I both thought that maybe the problem was her irregular cycles. We even bought some home test kits to detect ovulation and never were able to get a conclusive positive. We went to see L's Gyn who suspected PCOS and ordered bloodwork and an Ultrasound for confirmation. She also ordered a Semen Analysis for me, "just to make sure" everything was ok on my end.

We waited a while without hearing anything at all about L's results, so we called the office and kicked off a strange and aggravating medical keystone cops-like series of events that ultimately resulted in us changing to a different Gyn practice. First we were told, by a nurse or medical assistant, that "everything was fine" with her tests and that they really saw no reason to do anything more. So off we went into limbo again, my Sperm Analysis had not come back yet, L's Gyn felt she had "done enough", and here we were with no real answers and no real idea what to do next. Then out of the blue, probably two weeks later, the Gyn's office calls again and tells us that a different doctor in the practice had reviewed the tests and felt that there was conclusive evidence that she DID have PCOS. We also learned that her original Gyn had "left the practice", jeez I wonder why. L started on Metformin, a drug commonly used to treat PCOS and we began our search for a different Gyn!