Our Story...Our Family...Our Dreams (Part 1)

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When we learned that we would likely have to pursue a "non-traditional" route to realize our dreams of family expansion, my wife and I almost simultaneously said, "well, we've never really done things the traditional way, so..." and then we smiled, and then we laughed. It was that salty, tear flavored laughter that never felt better and made me realize that we were really going to be "ok".

"L" is 32, I am 36, and we met almost 3 years ago...online of all places. We hit it off immediately and it truly was a match made in heaven, except for the minor fact that we lived almost 2000 miles apart! Undeterred (or foolishly ignorant) by the daunting geographical math we started a long distance relationship that saw us rack up frequent flyer, tire, wire, and cyber mile points at a frightening pace. After many, many months of this we decided to move in together and were married not long thereafter. We spent many of those long distance nights together dreaming about starting a family, coming up with names, and playing through different scenarios like teenagers in sickening puppy love. I think we also felt that frightening ticking of the biological clock, so there was no question in either of our minds that we would get started with the "baby making" post haste. A year later, lots and lots of "posting haste", and countless Clearblue "Not Pregnant" messages seemingly mocking us from behind their protective clear plastic shields (god how I hate those little digital harbingers of dissapointment, but I digress), we began to wonder if there might be a problem. "But, there couldn't possibly be anything wrong", we would both say, knowing countless couples who got pregnant "the first time", the myriad stories of one night stand "whoopsies", those who could seemingly get pregnant from a missplaced sneeze, and even my own sad personal teenage experience, we were lulled into the common belief that "you just do it" and nine months later, the stork brings a little bundle of joy. We could not have been more wrong...


Lorza said...

Being wrong sucks. Cool story on how you guys met! My DH and I met online too. :)