New England Area Folks

Posted by J - azoowho@gmail.com |

L and I tried recently to get involved with our local RESOLVE chapter to get involved in the infertility community and hopefully meet some people going through the same thing we are. Unfortunately, we were told that our local chapter was no longer running due to lack of interest. This got me thinking that, event though there are TONS of online communities for those of us going through our journey, that it would be great to have something focused on people in the local area (New England). I am a programmer professionally and have been thinking about maybe creating something like this myself. If anyone out there is in this region OR knows someone who is, shoot me an email at azoowho@gmail.com OR leave a comment here. I would love to hear what sorts of things you would be looking for in this kind of online community. Would it be of interest?

Also, if you are interested in helping out, feel free to shoot me a line.



Lorza said...

I am not in the New England area, but that would be a cool thing to have down here! Haven't heard from you in a while- hope you are doin' okay!