They're not my b*lls...

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The ultrasound (TRUS) and genetic tests for Cystic Fibrosis were negative, which more or less ruled out the possibility that I was missing vital plumbing (like the Vas) and my blood work for hormones and the like were similarly fine (testosterone within low normal, although estrogen was slightly elevated which evidently is common in overweight patients). I was certainly growing weary of the tests and doctor's visits but bothered much more by not knowing what the heck was going on with my body as well as the possibility I might never truly know. I had already read quite a bit about TESE and knew that was the logical next step. The thought of surgical steel forming an intimate bond with my "friends" was truly terrifying, but getting one step closer to closure mitigated my anxiety somewhat. The doctor explained the procedure and gave me about a 40% chance of finding sperm. He also discussed the risks and what I might expect in terms of pain and discomfort which he described as "not too bad", quickly adding, "but they aren't MY b*lls!". With all of the examining, and touching, and photographing they'd been exposed to up until now, I wasn't sure they were MY b*lls anymore either :)

With my list of remaining options growing increasingly thin I decided to go ahead and schedule the procedure...


noswimmers said...

I'm a chick, but I can't imagine ball-bustin' surgery is too much fun.

Betsy said...

Glad that the tests were negative, and the doc is giving good chances of finding sperm during the TESE. Good luck at the procedure!

Rebekah said...

Hm. Your story is so similar to ours. The only difference is that I've got Endo.
DH was diagnosed - after going through a lot that could have been avoided if someone had just had his FSH tested - with Non-Obst.Azoo. He too was given a 40% chance of success with a TESE.
Now its a matter of actually doing IVF, ICSI and TESE.
I am glad to find your blog, and wish you the best of luck! Its good to hear from others in the same boat- its nice to not feel alone.
I will try to get DH to read your blog...I think it could be helpful for him to get a guy perspective :)